April 20, 2013
It's been almost 3 years since I last updated the news page, and honestly, not a lot has happened since then. Treasure released only 3 games in that span. Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes and Bangai-O HD Missile Fury were released on the XBLA, Missile Fury being the only original title in the bunch. All Good games by the way, definitely worth checking out.

Only news I've heard is that Treasure is working on an action game for the 3DS. Not much more is known about this game. Maybe we'll finally see it at E3?

I've also changed the layout a bit. Made things bigger, changed the forums, they don't match now, but I don't care. Music's gone, sorry about that.

To make up for the missing music I've put up a section for Treasure staff and credits lists in its place. Just something I put together a few years ago and never bothered to upload. Enjoy.

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Box on the Side!

So I've got a little youtube thing going where you can find some of my videos. Some Treasure stuff, some not Treasure stuff.

I haven't come up with much else to put here, so oh well, whatever, have a great day(s).